Join us for Roverway 2024!

Roverway 2024 will take place in Norway from July the 22nd to the 1st of August 2024. The theme for the jamboree is “North of the Ordinary”. Welcome to Norway!

The jamboree is divided into two parts. During the first days, the participants will gather up in small groups and get the opportunity to explore a self-chosen path. The paths will run throughout Southern Norway and end in a joint jamboree in the Stavanger area.

Are you between 16 and 22 years old in 2024?

Get ready for the time of your life at Roverway 2024!

Are you over 22 years old in 2024?

You can still participate. Join as an IST, an international staff member!

What is Roverway?

In the summer of 2024, scouts and guides between 16 and 22 years old have the opportunity to join us for an exciting jamboree. Participants will get to know many other cultures through thousands of other rovers from Europe. Lots of fun, sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas are important keywords. The paths will end with the main jamboree in the Stavanger area.

During the first days of Roverway 2024, rovers will have the opportunity to explore a path with other rovers from several countries. Participants can choose from a number of different paths around Norway, with different themes, so that everyone will have an as good and unique experience as possible, and explore Norwegian nature and culture. After five days along the various routes, everyone gathers for a joint jamboree near Stavanger.

Roverway is one of the most popular scout events in Europe with 5000-6000 participants and has previously been held in Finland, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, France and the Netherlands.

Roverway is made by rovers for rovers!

Head of Contingent (HoC)

To ensure good communication, collaboration and coordination in the planning process each scout orginisation is invited to nominate a Head of Contingent (HoC). The person must be verified by the country´s IC´s. After the verification an IC must fill out this registration form.

Appointment and registration of the Head of Contingent must be done within the 23th of October.


Join us in planning Roverway 2024!

We are looking for someone who is committed and wants to give thousands of European rovers an excellent and unforgettable experience in Norway. We want you on the adventure regardless of what you want to do. NORTH of the Ordinary only happens when we work together, all of us! Register your interest in being a planning team member here and one of us will contact you. This is not binding :)

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