To ensure good communication, collaboration and coordination in the planning process each scout orginisation is invited to nominate a Head of Contingent (HoC).

If the appointment of Head of Contingent has not yet been made, it must be done by ASAP by filling out this form. The person must be verified by the country's IC's.


We will have regular HoC-meetings. Invitations and minutes will be available here.

Second HoC meeting 19.02.2023

Invitation: English

First HoC-meeting: 30.10.2022

The Agenda was:

  • What, where and when is Roverway 2024?

  • Your role as Head of Contingent (HoC)

  • Get to know Norway: (fun) facts!

  • Traveling: How to travel to and from Roverway.

  • Costs and delegation participant limit

  • Milestones and calendar for the next two years

  • Q&A

Invitation: Was sent out to all IC's and registered HoC's. Click the links [English] & [Français]
Where? Meetings will be held in Discord. Click this link to join our server!
Minutes: Click here to read the minute (only in English)


The Planning Team will regularly send out newsletters to keep the countries up to date on the planning and ensure that all important information is received.

Roverway logo and colors

You are more than welcome to use our Roverway logo and colors for promotion.

The logo and Roverway-colors are now available in this shared GoogleDrive folder.

Later will you also find PowerPoint templates there.

Stay in touch!

We are excited to hear from you and will try to answer your questions as best we can! Remember to join the Roverway Discord.

Are you missing information or something else? Send us an email - it's amazing what we can do if we get to know about it! Please contact us: post@roverway.no.

In addition to sending out all official information to you by mail we will use Discord for easy communication between the Roverway planning team and Head of Contingents. We will notify you when we send out new information, answer all your questions and have our digital meetings here. In the start both IC and HoC will have access to the Head of Contingent category.

Invitation link for HoC's, IC's and CMT's: https://discord.com/invite/9rdQcA6FUt